10 Steps to Having a Successful Web Blog

I want to blog, but where do I start? How do I get readers? How do I keep them? How do I make money at it? Here are some web-blogging 101 tips for the novice writer

WhiskeyChick - Web Journalism Best Practices

Web Journalism Best Practices

Separating the hobby-bloggers from the real web journalists. As online journalism works through its adolescent years, one thing is painfully clear… There is a big difference between having a personal blog and being a web journalist. Many sites out there are run or written for by individuals who “claim” to be journalists, but their material […]

Solving Social (Media) Anxiety

In a world of web-celebs and follower counts, what people want most is real connections. We are living in an amazing age where the walls and distance that separate us from each other have been overcome by the power of social media. You can celebrate your accomplishments with thousands of followers with a simple tweet, […]

10 Tips For Organizing a Conference

Music bloggers, Upstart publicists, Budding Photographers, and DIY artists NEED a place to go where they can learn the tools it takes to stand out in this current state of noise for the sake of noise. They deserve to be taken seriously.

5 Ways to Build Your Contact List

The Name of the Game is Contact Acquisition! Recently I had the honor of hosting a decently-known rock band at our property for an overnighter between stops on their Midwest tour. When they weren’t busy decompressing among the chickens, hammocks and haphazard races on the mini-tractor, we got around to chatting about how tough it […]