Blogger Fatigue: # steps to getting back on the blog path

Blogger Fatigue: How to Steer Out of the Rut

Blogger fatigue is a pretty common problem in our industry. When you spend months and months and years writing about the same topic over and over and over again with very little reader feedback, at some point, it becomes difficult to tell outside of analytic numbers whether your words are reaching any eyeballs or ears […]

10 Steps To Better Band Booking

There is a HUGE fan-base building opportunity that you miss out on when you let someone else do the heavy lifting for you. With that in mind, here are my ten steps to better band booking:

How To Get Cheap Concert Tickets

Give your budget a breather and take a look at these handy tips for getting the best seats in the house at the lowest concert ticket prices available.

The Rise of the Micro-Festival

Die hard music fans have always been my favorite kind of treasure hunters, only the type of treasure has changed. Micro-Festivals give artists the chance to craft once-in-a-lifetime experiences for their closest fans.