The key to festival success is a diverse merch selection.

10 Steps To Better Band Booking

There is a HUGE fan-base building opportunity that you miss out on when you let someone else do the heavy lifting for you. With that in mind, here are my ten steps to better band booking:

Secondary Event Ticket Market

How To Get Cheap Concert Tickets

Give your budget a breather and take a look at these handy tips for getting the best seats in the house at the lowest concert ticket prices available.


The Rise of the Micro-Festival

Die hard music fans have always been my favorite kind of treasure hunters, only the type of treasure has changed. Micro-Festivals give artists the chance to craft once-in-a-lifetime experiences for their closest fans.

Music Marketing and DIY Band Hacks from WhiskeyChick

Ten Things DIY Bands Need To Do Better

In every town and near every potential stage there are hundreds of upstart musical acts just trying to capture an audience. Some are lucky enough to make a huge impact right out of the gate but then watch as their audience size shrinks over time. Others play to empty rooms for months or even years […]

Secondary Event Ticket Market

Secondary Ticket Market: Scalpers or Saviors?

What happens when the event ticketing industry undermines itself? Event ticketing is and always has been a hotbed topic in the entertainment industry. From struggling to find a pricepoint that both provides a deal to the public and a profit to the event, to ensuring that access to reasonably priced tickets is handled securely and […]