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Spring’s Sprung and Other Fun | WhiskeyChick Vlog 009

  *WhiskeyChick Vlog Episode 008* http://whiskeychick.rocks This week it’s all about spring fever and letting go of those old winter blues! We warm up the band lab then blow the  dust out of our offroad gear! It sure feels good to get out of the house again!

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If This Then That

Increase Your Reach With This Blogging Tool!

We all have the same 24 hours in the day, and yet some of us sit back in awe and wonder at the incredible feats of productivity our colleagues accomplish. For those of us in the digital marketing space, running multiple social accounts, building email newsletters, consuming content like potato chips and turning it into educational casserole topping… it’s a full time job. I’m here to tell you that you have a virtual personal assistant right at your fingertips and you didn’t even know it!

Using Video To Bridge The Digital Gap

In this day and age, it’s so easy to lose touch of the humanity behind all these keyboard warriors and armchair detectives. Messages get mixed and intentions get misunderstood. Sometimes our typing fingers get worn out before our ideas can get expressed. Either way, there’s not enough text in a qwerty keyboard to bring back the human touch when communicating big ideas over long distances the way that face to face communication can.

Yesterday I started my day with the intentional goal of testing out more “warm” means of keeping in touch with my online friends and colleagues and the results were so amazing that I’m going to share them with you as just a sampling of the ways that video technology can help you make social media.. well.. more social.

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Psssst! I’ve got a Secret!

As an early anniversary gift, I got to go see the Post Secret Live Show at the Walton Arts Center this weekend. I normally consider myself one tough boss-lady, so I was surprised to be crying in the first few minutes. The show itself was beautifully done, and led me to realize a secret of my own…

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Tips to “Freshen Up” Your Out-Dated Blog

It’s late on a Tuesday night and I get a frantic message from an acquaintance I haven’t talked to in a lonnnnnng time. What do they need? Well, to “pick my brain for a sec” of course! Normally I don’t mind this since I get really bored out here in the woods and could use […]

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Reaching Goals 280 Characters At A Time

As we gear up for spring, I assume most people are hiding out in their cozy homes, and starting to think about summer plans. Me, however, I’m working on how to maintain my business network and social connections while the roads are icing up and the calendar gets mapped out for the year. Then along comes Twitter to save the day!

WhiskeyChick vs. WhiskeyChick Bonus Video

  *WhiskeyChick Vlog Bonus Video 1* http://whiskeychick.rocks Just to clear some confusion, I know there’s a gamer in the DayZ / Twitch realm that goes by the handle “WhiskeyChick” and