In my experience of online marketing and blogging the most important lesson I have learned and now teach others is Value over Volume. I teach this to musicians when I review their albums. I teach this to band managers when I tutor on social media marketing. I teach this to promoters when I help them build event advertising strategies. I teach this to fellow bloggers and marketers when I participate in conferences and industry events. Value over Volume. What you say has to be more important to your target listener than how loud or how often you say it.

Being a strong local music supporter, I began reviewing and interviewing underground country musicians in 2004 for DrunkenHillbilly.com, a site built and ran by myself and a friend. I was one of the few fortunate enough to leave the corporate world of hospitality management to pursue this passion. From there our profile expanded to several country and rock & roll news sites, as well as concert tour niche resources. Along the way we created a web publishing company out of the endeavor, as well as taking on select bands to finance, book, and market to reach their individual goals.

I am now the evolution of a long career in sales, customer service, technical support, backstage access, internet marketing, and live music ambassadorship through social media. I am also available for hire.

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