Review: Shaker & Spoon Monthly Cocktail Kit Subscription

I was recently invited to try out the Shaker & Spoon cocktail crafting monthly subscription kit and let me just say, I’m very impressed with it. Shaker & Spoon curates all the ingredients from mixers, to syrups, garnishes to bitters, and anything else you might need to create 4 rounds each of three signature cocktails each month, all in one box delivered to your door. The only thing NOT included is the alcohol itself, although each box does come with bartender suggestions, leaving you free to choose your favorites or experiment with a new spirit with confidence.

Being an obvious fan of whiskey, I opted for the two boxes that most piqued my interest, and am loving the journey they are taking me on.

Kit 1: New Frontiers 2 – This kit is meant to be paired with an American Single Malt Whiskey, which I ordered from my partner of course. The kit came with everything seen below, which is the ingredients to make “Let’s Get Highballed”, “Peachy Keen”, and “A Weekend In Manhattan” . They also include short how-to videos on mixing up each recipe for this box, found on this page. And here’s the link to a specially curated Spotify playlist to set the tone and accompany the fun

<em>Shown: New Frontiers Kit &#8211; All the ingredients minus the American Single Malt to make three different high-quality cocktails.</em>

Kit 2: All Eyes on Rye – As the name implies, This one is made to be paired with your favorite Rye whiskey.. I personally enjoy Chicken Cock Rye, available at The drink cards for this box include “Homestead Old Fashioned”, “Baklawa Sour”, and the “Creole Sling”. And here’s the page with the how-to videos and the Spotify playlist!

Overall it’s a great value for the price. Each kit retails at about $60 and can be even more affordable with the many discount codes they issue each month. For that price you are not only getting ingredients, but you are also getting education and cocktail confidence. The included recipe cards, term glossaries, and bartender recommendations make sure you are learning as you mix. I believe this is a great treat for anyone who would benefit from a guiding hand in their cocktail crafting journey.

Get started on your own Shaker & Spoon Monthly Box today!

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