Band Marketing Tip: Geo-Targeting Facebook Event Invites

Get more out of marketing your band on Facebook without ever spending a dime!

*These tips are intended as helpful advice for those newer to social media marketing in the music world. Please feel free to comment below or reach out to me if you have specific questions.

People get annoyed when they are mass-invited to events on Facebook that are not in their area, but if you’re marketing a band that plays multiple major markets, it gets hard to remember all the fans’ locations. In today’s quick tips I’d like to share how I target specific regions for event invites on Facebook without spending money on advertising. It definitely takes a little extra work in the beginning, but the more you follow this practice, the easier it gets and the more effective it will be for your band.

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Once the event invite is created, I like to start with inviting the “sure thing” fans in each area and messaging them directly to ask them to spread the word about the upcoming show, then branch out to look for new potential fans in that market and invite them. Facebook wants us to use sponsored posts to make this happen, but since I don’t like paying for ads, I have a workaround. A good way to geo-target your event invites WITHOUT paying for ads is by joining groups for that area then selecting your invitees from that group’s members (not just plastering the event on a dozen group walls). Check the video below for a detailed overview.

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