In Defense of Miranda Lambert

Listen, do you want Miranda Lambert to be sassy or not? Because on one hand you praise her for it, while on the other hand you demonize her. You can’t have it both ways.

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That’s right, I’m weighing in on “Mirandagate”, the backlash that followed when on July 14th, she spoke out from stage and schooled a few members of the audience at her Vegas residency for snapping selfies during her show. Except that’s an EXTREMELY over-simplified explanation of what happened, and it’s also the only narrative the mainstream media seems to be running with, and it’s completely unfair to Miranda Lambert.

Let’s start with the show policy of no flash photography. It’s on the confirmation email when you purchase your tickets online. It’s posted in the venue. Security and staff are trained to enforce the rule. Even press has to follow that rule and keep their flash bulbs out of the theater. This isn’t for Miranda’s sake, this is out of respect for the audience, who came to watch the artist perform. In fact, with the number of spotlights and beaming stage design illumination, it would actually take quite the flash indeed for the act on stage to even SEE what is happening in the crowd beyond what’s right at their feet. These artists have to rely on strips of tape and pre-determined marks on the ground to know where they are supposed to be because they can’t see once they raise their eyes to the crowd.

Next… so you bought VIP passes and that entitles you to do whatever you want? Let’s follow that train of thought just for a minute, the VIP booth in question is highlighted above in yellow, and where Miranda was singing from is marked in red. Now how many other people surrounding and seated behind the yellow booth were ALSO entitled to do what THEY wanted, which in this case was, I assume, to watch the show they paid to see and not have it upstaged by flash photography dead center in front of the stage? How long did it take to get the “perfect shots” shown below? How many retakes? If you take a stroll through the thousands of TikTokś posted from that night, you can see this booth lit up in rapid-fire succession throughout the concert… by the time they got reprimanded they were in the 18th song of the set!

Now how repetitive, long-lasting, and painfully intrusive did all that flash photography have to be in order for Miranda to see past her stage lights and feel like she had to address the issue herself? For that matter, where was security at to shut down this restricted behavior, and why did they put the artist in the position of having to be “the bad guy”? To me this is a failure on the part of the Planet Hollywood Bakkt Theater staff, in addition to the participants in the VIP booth in question.

Lastly… do you think this self-proclaimed “influencer” (who will not be named or linked here because she has already gotten enough free press off this) is really that mad? Within days her social media accounts have exploded, she’s done paid interviews with all the usual fluff shows, and generally been showered with sympathy and rewards for her terrible concert etiquette. Forgive my lack of sympathy but I don’t buy one bit if her feigned outrage.

The real victim here (besides the other concert-goers who clearly supported Miranda’s interruption and restart of the heartfelt and seriously somber “Tin Man”), is Miranda Lambert herself. Social media and mainstream news stations have taken this common occurrence and blown it wildly out of proportion as an excuse to pile on attack after attack on Miranda herself. They scrape the internet for “evidence” of bad behavior, tear down her looks, her relationships, her fan interactions, and anything else they can get their judgemental paws on. They use footage of playful banter or fiery interaction and call it entitled vanity. They show her popping a beach ball or playfully sassing a boy and call it malicious, while using her own songs like “Little Red Wagon” and “Actin Up” in the background of the tear-down footage. And most ridiculous of all… they use “Only Prettier” in videos where they swear she only called out the selfie-takers cause they were prettier than her, perpetuating the same cat-fight fetish that women have been dealing with since the dawn of time. You’ll notice that we can make it this far into an article without describing the physical traits of any of the parties involved because that’s not relevant to the situation.

Newsflash… Buying a ticket to a show does not mean you own the artist, or the venue. You are not entitled to break venue policies then act the victim. The artist does not have to be gracious when you behave badly enough to impact the show for the people around you. If your mamma didn’t teach you manners, then I’m glad Miranda Lambert did!

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41 thoughts on “In Defense of Miranda Lambert

  1. Thank you for writing this article your absolutely correct these little bitches think that they are entitled to do what ever they want where they want how they want they don’t care about anyone but themselves I hope Miranda goes after them for Slandering her name and Reputation it is just like the Jason Aldean Video and song. But Thank you

    1. Lady what does any of this have to do with Jason Alden’s song?? Not at all seeing your connection between the two, Unless you’re praising this woman for bashing that man’s song as you’re coming to her defense in “slandering” done by others. Mighty hypocritical. Not for anything but since the beginning of cell phones that can take and record photo/video concerts have ALWAYS had people taking photos and videos. I’ve been at Journey and Def Leppard concerts where the crowed was ASKED to take out their phones and turn on flash or record a video with flash while they played. This whole “no phones at my show” thing is new to concert list of rules in fact it only started after Covid. Have you not noticed that the only musicians who get mad about photography and videos are the ones who didn’t make too strong of a come back after the pandemic?? It’s a money ploy. Pay hundreds even thousands of dollar to come see me perform but after all that money is spent don’t let me catch you taking pictures of me or yourselves while you’re at my show. Instead you can purchase whatever ridiculously priced merch photo or video recording after the show. It comes down to 2 things, money or celebrities are tired of people catching their embarrassing moments on video, as if it doesn’t happen to the rest of us. It’s a part of life. You’re delusional if you think you’ve never been caught in target picking your nose or scratching your a**. I’ll be damn if I’m spending all that money and can’t even take a picture at the show. Life is short, a lot shorter than most realize, and I’ve learned first hand when an already short life comes to an end in an even shorter amount of time those pictures are all that you end up having left because even inside the best of brains memories fade over time. I’ll happily take my pictures anyone who has an issue with that can be mad on their own time. It’s not about them. It’s about never knowing what the future holds and being able to cherish the moment long after it’s gone.

      1. Kayla,
        They are not saying/disputing taking of photos what the problem they are saying is, is the FLASH. I work for a concert venue and I can not even begin to count how many times I have had to crawl into a crowd to remind people videos and pictures are fine but please turn off the flash. Saying that in my venue the rules are per the artists an we are legally obligated to inforce them or remove guests for not following the rules or we could be sued by them.

      2. There is a moment, a time and a way to take those said memories without disturbing everyone around you. Respect goes both ways. They didn’t show any respect for their fellow attendees, who also paid a huge amount of money to be there. Why should they be shown respect in return?!

      3. Read it AGAIN!! It’s about the damn flash!! Not taking the pictures or videos!!! I’ve been to SO MANY CONCERTS and taken videos AND pictures but my flash was not required as it is EXTREMELY disrespectful to others. So SOME of the artists MAY act entitled but using your flash is not ONLY disrespectful to the artist but to the other hundreds or thousands who ALSO paid to go to the concert!!

      4. Tell me you didn’t read the article without telling me you didn’t read the article. Your comment is laughably ignorant. The issue was the flash, not photography, and it was a posted rule. Regardless of reason for the rule, it’s the rule, you either follow it or if you don’t like it then stay home. Plain and simple. YOU and people with your attitude are part of the problem.

      5. Concerts have been banning cameras for as long as I can remember. My first concert was in 1983, so I don’t know what Covid has to do with it.

      6. How many concerts do you go to in a year? I go to dozens. Do you realize that people constantly raising their phones to photograph or video block thr view of people behind them? It’s utterly frustrating to pay to see a live show and have to view it through other people’s phones. I applaud the artists who ban phones from their shows, it makes the entire experience much more pleasant.

      7. They never said you couldn’t take a picture. Just can not use the flash. In reference to the Jason Alden song, these women think they can use the same tactic as people used again Jason Alden to hurt Miranda’s reputation and career.

    2. First of all nobody slandered Miranda she made an ass out of herself no one made a false statement about her ruining her reputation learn the definition of slander b4 trying to use it to sound smart and make urself look dumb …… and Jason Aldeans song nothing wrong with that either he is singing about how in a small town they UNITE and take care of one another have each others back as a community should the only people who take issue with his song are people who are only interested in looking out for ones self !!!

  2. You explained this Perfectly ❤️ I have been to many of Miranda’s shows in Lake Tahoe and she is the SWEETEST SOUL.. I say Miranda has been in VEGAS to long ..It’s time to put on her Dirty Boots and Get back to her COUNTRY ROOTS….

    1. Can we see where the venue /tickets actually say no flashes? I’m not really comfortable just taking someone’s word for it and just wondered where we can cite this information officially.
      Also, whether they were right or wrong – it seems Miranda could have handled it with a bit more class rather than trying to resolve disrespect with more disrespect.

  3. Finally, the full story! I would refer to this “influencer” a “non-sensor” and “said victim”.
    Thank you for writing and sharing this truth.

  4. I 100% agree with this comment you made… I paid $245 for a concert before, just to have the folks in front of me stand up and take pictures all night long… It does get out of hand, and we don’t get refunded or anything special for our paid show being interrupted by folks taking pictures and can’t even see the stage…

  5. Thank you for writing this. I have been to many of Miranda’s shows and she is always professional, high energy, fun and personable. She is a true entertainer. I really hope your article garners the attention it deserves for Miranda and other concert goers.

  6. Security Issue!! It has been said many times it was NO FLASH, someone’s not being truthful!! I’ve been to many concerts, this is a Vegas Show, big difference!! In $$$ and audience!! Not a bunch of fun, rowdy fans!! Miranda is used to much worse than a group of ladies taking pictures!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

  7. Naw. Sorry. A lot of folks there were taking flash photos despite what was on the ticket. It was the 18th song. So finish the show. Then ask for a lock phone policy for the remaining performances. And honestly It didn’t even register to me and my friends until she stopped the show. Sadly Ran has a history of getting pissy on stage.

    1. Flashes are common but photo sessions are not. Let’s dive into the background of these ******* and plaster their privileged lives on the media, but not likely to happen because the media may have to pay for that.

    2. Doesn’t matter that a lot of people were doing it! Does that make it right for everyone else? Nope! The response should have been to apologize and sit down. Be an adult… be respectful.

  8. Miranda is a $&@“! She’s always complaining how put out she is at concerts. Security should have addressed the issue, so I’m assuming Miranda made it a bigger deal than it was.

  9. Thank you, thank you! This is common sense yet people are defending these women. It’s indicator where we are a society. People feel they can do as they please without consequence. I’m with Miranda.

      1. No it wasn’t A picture it was a photo session!! And that’s why she got pissed off and she had every right!! If you can’t follow the rules keep your ass at home and watch videos!! The tickets said no flash!! Why is it that you think you can do whatever you want and then get upset when there are consequences to your actions??? They FAFO!!

  10. What I don’t understand is why just single these women out? They were not the only people in the concert taking pictures. If you look in the second picture of this article you can see the lady in the row in front of them taking a picture. Also the people to the left have there cell phones up- looks like they are taking pics? Recording? If Miranda called out everyone- then yes she would of been right… but she was just having a moment and hating on these specific ladies.

    1. FLASH, that is the point. Not that they were taking photos they just ask NO FLASH, it’s distracting to other guests as well as the artist.

  11. The one thing this diagram fails to show is what level each section is on. If fans are risen above these women then they aren’t blocking the vision as it may seem in a non 3-dementional drawing. I wpuld just like to see a full story with full information (cited with the venue name).

    1. You can see that flash was used. See how the women are sharp and illuminated AND Miranda is as well? This is a flash fill, and if they are raised up at the same level as Miranda, I can see how this would be quite difficult as a performer.

  12. Selfie equals SELFISH not only to the artist but the fans that are actually trying to enjoy the show!
    I just went to a Garth show in Vegas where no phones were allowed. It was like old times where the people were actually engaged in the show, singing along etc! If you are at a show for the music you are there for all the right reasons. If you are at the show to continue taking selfies you are there for ALL the wrong reasons!

  13. Maybe if she would have actually said hey I don’t mind you taking pictures can you pls shut the flash off instead of saying it’s pissing me off. She went about it the wrong way.

  14. I agree. I am tired of going to concerts, trying to enjoy the show I came to see and being distracted by people doing nothing by taking photos and videos for their social media.

    I went to Dublin last year to see Garth Brooks. The young ones posing and doing “action shots” before the concert was a bit comical. The second they tried to do it during the actual show, security was in them immediately. Thankfully.

    The entitlement of my joy over someone else’s annoyance is the problem. The lack of respect for those around you is getting worse.

    1. I totally agree. I was at a Pentatonix Christmas concert last year — great concert till the final number, where the Pentatonix members were grouped closely together at the center front stage singing a very solemn, spiritual “Silent Night” — when a woman and man several rows in front of us stood up, her holding her camera up, filming the entire song, and COMPLETELY blocking out the sight of the band. Yes, we could still hear and enjoy the music, but to have the view totally obstructed because of their selfishness was such a disappointment.

  15. Tell me you didn’t read the article without telling me you didn’t read the article. Your comment is laughably ignorant. The issue was the flash, not photography, and it was a posted rule. Regardless of reason for the rule, it’s the rule, you either follow it or if you don’t like it then stay home. Plain and simple. YOU and people with your attitude are part of the problem.

  16. Miranda is a “tell it like it is, no nonsense, tough as nails, never compromise her standards” artist. I’d expect no less from her. She’s remained the same, her fame has drawn in many posers and in this case opportunists which is sadly, common these days. Yeah she put those self involve GIRLS (no women in that photos except Miranda) in their place. To the influencer, “Bless yer heart”

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