Rocklahoma Survival Tips

This was originally published by which is no longer around. Enjoy this look back at the early days of Rocklahoma!

Today’s Public Service Announcement brought to you by fans of great rock and roll festivals.

1) When you put that many people in one place the cell towers are a bit overloaded. They bring in mobile booster trucks, but phone calls and internet won’t be what you’re used to. Texting is still flawless and reduces the strain on the towers.

2) Putting your phone on airplane mode will double the life of your battery so you can take more pictures and video without it draining looking for a signal.

3) There is an onsite water hookup and RV dump station, but it’s not well marked. It’s near the main shower building by a tiny shack and a concrete slab. It’s free for all who pull up to use it, and an easy spot to refill non-drinkable water jugs as well.

4) The first official stage actually starts on Thursday. It’s the Axis Entertainment stage under the huge white tent located just off the south side of the shower building.

5) The unofficial stages rock ALMOST 24-7. There are nearly as many bands playing in the campgrounds as there are inside the concert area. Explore!

6) The bigger unofficial parties happen in the VIP campground, BUT YOU DON’T NEED VIP to go there! Just walk on over!

7) If you are lucky enough to have a strong cell data signal, VOXER is a fun and free walkie talkie app that lets you send messages and pictures to other users individually or as a group. VERY handy for keeping in touch with your crew.

8) The vendor tents, especially Zippo, Jägermeister and Rock-n-Roll GangStar Apparel have scheduled meet & greets with mainstage and sidestage bands all weekend long every year. Check those tents when you get in the concert gates for this year’s schedule.

***9) You CAN bring sealed water and soda in plastic bottles to the concert grounds. There is no excuse for dehydrating.*** UPDATE: The official word now is you can NOT bring water in, but some people have succeeded. Worst case you toss a water bottle at the gate***

10) We are ALL here to have a good time. The ROK community is pretty self-managing… that said… if you act like an asshat, the community will manage you accordingly.

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