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Music and Lifestyle Blogger “WhiskeyChick” Partners with Collabstr.io to Forge New Brand Alliances

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [Westville, OK, August 16th, 2023] – “WhiskeyChick,” the celebrated moniker of Shauna Castorena, a seasoned music and lifestyle blogger with over 15 years of experience in the country and rock genres, is thrilled to announce her exciting partnership with Collabstr.io, a dynamic platform connecting influential creators with brands seeking authentic collaborations. Known […]

Secondary Ticket Market: Scalpers or Saviors?

What happens when the event ticketing industry undermines itself? Event ticketing is and always has been a hotbed topic in the entertainment industry. From struggling to find a pricepoint that both provides a deal to the public and a profit to the event, to ensuring that access to reasonably priced tickets is handled securely and […]

Who’s your mamma and what does she do?

It’s late… maybe 2 or 3 A.M.  and I’m sitting here at a keyboard, trying desperately to find the words that most accurately describe the live show I just left. How do you explain the way the way the room buzzes before the lights come up? Or the feeling of that vibration in your chest […]