Introducing Baron Hill Summer Camp | WhiskeyChick Vlog 011

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Cheers y’all! It’s been a long hot minute since our last update and the whole world has gone topsy turvy in the meanwhile. If you follow me on other platforms you probably already know that we made some MAJOR changes and are now part of the Shed-To-House, hobby homesteading, mortgage-free crowd and it’s been a long road so far. This one’s a long one so I appreciate anyone who sticks it through to the end. I’d LOVE for y’all to leave some questions in the comments and help me spell out what this adventure really looks like behind the scenes.

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This week’s shout-out goes to: The Country Road Cure and Simple Life Reclaimed who have inspired me to get back on the ball and share our journey, even though I’m super self-conscious of showing such an unfinished work in progress while hypocritically LOVING the other homesteaders out there who have been sharing their journeys from Day 1. I love seeing their property quickly take shape, and the creative solutions they use to make things work as they go. They say “Perfection is the enemy of progress”, and these guys unwittingly hold me accountable for the progress on my channel and on our property, and for that I am grateful. Swing over to their channels and check them out as they break ground on a MUCH bigger undertaking than ours, only about an hour from where we’re at in the Ozark foothills!



I am a music and lifestyle blogger for Country Music News Blog and Country Music On Tour. New to Vlogging, my goal is to use as little equipment as I can to create weekly videos. This is an area I’m open to suggestions on. This channel is going to evolve over time, but for now it’s a way to share who I am and get to know some of my more regular followers a little better. Comments and questions are appreciated and encouraged!

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