Bourbon Tasting Details at a Bourbon & Beyond Music Festival

Bourbon Tasting Details at a Bourbon & Beyond Music Festival

Producer Danny Wimmer Presents celebrates the triumphant return of Bourbon & Beyond with the debut of Rocks Room Presented by Zelle®. Beginning August 12, 2022, attendees can start participating in the festival’s return by using Zelle® through August 31 to receive elite perks such as intimate music performances, food, or bourbon tastings at the first restaurant in the festival’s history.

Willi Carlisle: A Snapshot of a Fast-Rising Star

There’s a fine line between “having to” and “choosing it”… and that was the line that made me fall in love with the sound and style of Willi Carlisle. It’s from his latest track “Van Life” on his upcoming album “Peculiar, Missouri” which comes out next month, and it perfectly sums up a dream I’ve […]

Three Tips To Get The Best Concert Tickets!

Summer is upon us and it’s time to make your concert and festival plans, but how do you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck? Well we’re here to help with three ways you can get the best concert tickets and avoid all the extra fees!    

Why Mae Estes Needs To Be On YOUR Country Music Radar!

Yeah yeah yeah… I know you clicked that headline to read all about the drama Morgan Wallen is in this week in the latest of a long stream of apologies he constantly seems to be making. I’m sure his fans will forgive him (again) and I’m sure this isn’t the last time he’ll embarrass the […]