My Career Goals

WCSocialI’m a strong believer of trusting the universe to provide as long as you’re clear about what you want out of life. So far I have been blessed to have a very successful and multi-faceted career. As I roll forward it’s important for me to keep my eye on the ball and continually redefine what success means to me. To help with this I listed all the things I see for my career’s future, so I can turn a general idea into actionable goals. Many of these are things that I currently do, and will continue to do:

In the life I envision for myself, I…

  • Attend hard rock, punk and the occasional country concert or show 3 or 4 nights a week, as a member of press or special guest.
  • Speak on panels about Music Marketing and DIY Band Management.
  • Have a couple of hours of dedicated and uninterrupted time for writing every day.
  • Have my writing syndicated to other publications.
  • Am frequently invited as an industry expert guest on radio and television.
  • Compile my anecdotal knowledge into a comprehensive book.
  • Have a publishing agent who markets my work and time.
  • Get endorsement deals from clothing, accessories, and liquor companies.
  • Make enough money from these endeavors to set up a retirement account for myself, as well as college funds and trusts for the kids.
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