So You Want To Be a Venue Booker…

Do you ever wonder how a particular act ends up on the stage at your favorite music venue? It starts with great relationships and a great talent booker! The skills of a venue booker can make or break the business so it’s important to know what all they are in charge of, and what is […]

So You Want To Become a Tour Manager...

So You Want To Become a Tour Manager…

I’ve often heard the job of a musician’s tour manager is much like wrangling a litter of kittens after tehy’ve rolled in catnip, and it’s not far from the truth. There are endless moving targets on a tour and it’s the tour manager’s job to keep them all flowing in the right direction without any hiccups. Here’s a rundown of just some of the duties of a concert tour manager:

So You Want To Be A Tour Bus Driver

So You Want To Become A Tour Bus Driver…

Taylor Swift recently made headlines for the massive tip she gifted the drivers that made the Eras Tour run so smoothly, and it has a lot of people wondering what it’s like to be a musician’s tour bus driver. I’m here to share a little insight on what the job is really like, and how it’s so much more than sitting behind the wheel.

Whiskeychick Takes on Beekeeping

Adventures in Beekeeping

Every once in a while I have to step away from the internet for my own sanity, no matter how much my job relies on it. When the negative comments and thankless work starts weighing me down, I step outside and find something to touch that brings me joy. By an odd turn of events, […]

Review: SmartLabels QR Code Labels and companion smartphone app

Review: SmartLabels QR Code Labels and Companion Smartphone App

I have recently begun marketing work for a coin collector who runs an online marketplace and auction for his resale coins. His tracking system thus far for his extensive inventory has been a spiral bound notebook, and his personal memory. He has tasked me with creating an easy-to use and maintain system that helps him […]