Review: SmartLabels QR Code Labels and Companion Smartphone App

I have recently begun marketing work for a coin collector who runs an online marketplace and auction for his resale coins. His tracking system thus far for his extensive inventory has been a spiral bound notebook, and his personal memory. He has tasked me with creating an easy-to use and maintain system that helps him track, find, and update the coins in his resale library as he builds out his online auctions. I’ve decided to try the SmartLabels QR Code labeling system which connects with their companion app to test out for this purpose, and share my experience here.

Review: SmartLabels QR Code Labels and companion smartphone app

The Process:

  • First I divided a sampling of his coin collection by type of metal, then by century of production, and assigned each selection to a bin
  • I selected a SmartLabel for each bin and even color-coded the bins for quick and easy visual reference (i.e: Gold label = Gold coins, Blue label = Silver coins, etc)
  • I applied a SmartLabel to each bin, scanned the label into the companion app on my smartphone, and started loading the bins one coin at a time.
  • As I added the coins to their appropriate bins, I added the listing into the companion app and included all searchable details as well as the item number he assigned to the coin for auction. (I chose not to include images of the coins for efficiency’s sake, although I LOVE this feature… my client will be updating these in the near future).
  • Once I loaded the sample inventory into the app, I was able to download a printable inventory pdf with the complete inventory list which will help future marketing efforts.

Now when my client is ready to host his online auctions, he can easily find, select and store again the coins he is showcasing on that particular date, as well as easily mark items as sold.

Review: SmartLabels QR Code Labels and companion smartphone app

What I love about the SmartLabels System:

  • It’s incredibly affordable. Unlike expensive inventory management software that may be out of reach for small businesses, SmartLabels provides a cost-effective alternative. To get started, all you need are the QR Code stickers, available at just $15.95 for a pack of 48 color-coded stickers. The mobile phone app, which is free to use for the first year, and seamlessly pairs with the stickers to deliver a comprehensive inventory management experience. After the first year, the software subscription fee is only $11.95 per year. For businesses desiring the inventory count feature, available for $29.95 per year, an early upgrade is possible.*
  • It’s efficient. SmartLabels’ color-coded QR Code stickers form the backbone of its efficient organization system. Each sticker represents a unique identifier for a specific category. By attaching these stickers to the corresponding storage containers, we created a visual reference that simplifies the process of locating and accessing my client’s coins. The color-coded system enhances visibility and reduces search time, making inventory management both easy and enjoyable.
  • It’s convenient on the go. The Smart Labels app acts as a central hub for all your inventory-related activities. When my client is out with other collectors he can access detailed information about a particular coin, including its current status, history, and any accompanying photographs. With the option to include photographs, he can visually document his inventory, making it even easier to identify and authenticate his coins, and showcase his collection without the risk of carrying the actual coins with him.
  • It’s simple. The app’s intuitive interface ensures a seamless user experience, even for those new to digital inventory management, or technology as a whole.

Improvements I would Like To See

  • I would like to be able to drag and drop or re-order the smart-labels in the app for a more intuitive quick-view of items.
  • I would like to be able to import my inventory from a spreadsheet then assign the items to a Smart-Labeled storage location for faster input of a large collection.

* Note: The pricing mentioned in this blog post is based on the information provided by SmartLabels as of June 2023 and may not reflect the current pricing structure of SmartLabels.

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