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This week I’m just dropping by with a quick, unedited check-in to let you know where I’ve been and what I’m up to. Between the lack of high-speed internet and general frustration with internet-dependent income, I’ve turned to a more tactile focus and begun work on my next big goal: A community food garden to help offset the cost of living for my family, our extended family, and our neighbors.

As I jump into this adventure in permaculture, I hesitate to really call myself a homesteader. I mean, I still make my income through web publishing, and compared to local standards, my life is pretty high-tech, but at the same time I’m learning to live more and more by the rhythm of the land around me. The internet work waits until the chickens are fed and the gardening needs done before the sun peaks and burns my skin.

I welcome any and all suggestions on what to plant, how to plan, and what advice you would give to a beginner as I go forward, and look forward to the upcoming installation of my fiber-optic internet so I can update more often. (As an aside, this 6+ minute video took 4 hours and 47 minutes to upload. Rural internet is no laughing matter).

This week’s shout-out goes to Jessica from Roots & Refuge Farm
and Elijah of Slower  who both inspire me with creative and achievable solutions to my DIY endeavors. While they are very different people, the hands-on, no-barriers attitude they share in their channels takes the intimidation out of starting from scratch and really makes connecting with the land seem so much more accessible for beginners.

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