Big News: We’re Going Mortgage Free!

After a long bout of soul searching and carefully-had discussions, our family is embarking on a MAJOR adventure. You can watch my announcement below or skip the video for the dirty details.

I’m inviting you to follow along as we let go of our “quick fix” house that’s become more of a headache and build our own custom home from scratch. Not just any home, but a family retreat of medium sized cabins perfect for our adult and nearly-adult children, future artist, musician, and family friend guests, and more self-contained and cost efficient so that we can get out and travel without worrying about maintaining what’s happening at home!

We estimate that the entire project will take approximately two years to finish, with the end result being one large core cabin, at least two medium sized freestanding cabins, a community food garden and a well-equipped outdoor kitchen. Forgive the rough graphics below but the plans are still being drawn up by my CAD man while we hack away at all the land prep that has to be done before construction begins. As we roll forward on construction, we are really looking forward to any suggestions or advice our followers can offer to help us on our path. If you want to know more about how each step is done, feel free to ask below or hit me up on social media.

In the meantime I’ll be sharing as much as I can of the process as internet bandwidth allows, and I’m so excited to get started!

Baron Hill Community Food Garden

Rough Property Map 2018

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