A Day In The Life Of A Tour Manager

A day in the life of a musician’s tour manager is a whirlwind of organization, coordination, and problem-solving. Here’s an overview of their typical day:

A Day in the Life of a Tour Manager - According to Whiskeychick, the country music blogger.


  1. Check-In: The day starts with reviewing the tour schedule, checking emails, and addressing any urgent matters that may have arisen overnight.
  2. Venue Communication: The tour manager contacts the next venue to confirm load-in times, stage setup details, sound check schedules, and any special requests from the artist.
  3. Crew Briefing: They hold a meeting with the crew to discuss the day’s plan, assigning tasks, and ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding their responsibilities.


  1. Logistical Coordination: The tour manager ensures that transportation arrangements are in place for the touring party, crew, and equipment, confirming travel times and routes.
  2. Artist Support: They address any requests or concerns the artist may have, ensuring their comfort and that their needs are met throughout the day.


  1. Sound Check and Rehearsals: The tour manager oversees the sound check, ensuring all technical aspects are properly set up and the artist’s specifications are met.
  2. Media and Guest Coordination: If there are media interviews or guest appearances scheduled, the tour manager coordinates with media personnel and manages guest lists.


  1. Showtime Preparation: Before the performance, the tour manager ensures that the artist is ready, the crew is in position, and the stage is set for the best possible performance.
  2. Audience Interaction: During the show, the tour manager might manage guest lists, greet VIPs, and address any issues that may arise.


  1. Load-Out Planning: After the performance, the tour manager coordinates the load-out process, ensuring that equipment is properly packed and ready for transportation to the next venue.
  2. Travel Arrangements: They organize transportation for the touring party and crew, ensuring that everyone is accounted for and that travel arrangements align with the next day’s schedule.

Late Night:

  1. Venue Settlement: The tour manager may work with the venue’s management to settle payments, review contracts, and ensure all financial matters are in order.
  2. Next Day Preparation: Before calling it a night, the tour manager reviews the itinerary for the following day, confirming travel times, accommodation details, and any other logistical needs.

End of Day:

  1. Documentation: The tour manager updates records, noting any changes in the schedule, communication with venues, or important details that need to be documented.
  2. Communication: Before resting, the tour manager checks in with the artist and crew to make sure everyone is accounted for and knows the next day’s plan.

A musician’s tour manager’s day is marked by adaptability, resourcefulness, and the ability to handle a wide range of tasks while ensuring the seamless execution of the tour schedule.

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