Review: Soda Jerk Cream Liquor

Hey there, fellow whiskey enthusiasts and country music aficionados! Today, we’re stepping away from the usual tune and tiny home talk to explore something that’s sure to tickle your taste buds – Soda Jerk Shot. This award-winning American-made concoction combines the familiar flavors of yesteryears with a modern twist, and it’s the perfect companion to your whiskey adventures. Let’s dive right in and discover what makes this shot a standout in the world of libations.

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Nostalgia in a Bottle

Soda Jerk Shot transports you back to the good old days, where sipping on a soda at the local diner was a cherished pastime. This ready-to-drink shot comes in two fantastic flavors: Orange Cream and Root Beer. If you’re someone who grew up savoring the classic taste of a 50/50 bar or a root beer float, you’re in for a treat. These flavors capture the essence of those beloved childhood treats with a subtle kick to remind you that you’re all grown up now.

Flavorful Memories

The Root Beer flavor takes you on a trip down memory lane, sans the fizz, but with all the smooth, creamy goodness you’d expect. It’s like enjoying a root beer float, but with a grown-up twist.

On the other hand, the Orange Cream flavor is a delightful blend of bright orange soda and smooth, creamy vanilla ice cream. It’s like taking a stroll through the past when an orange creamsicle was the ultimate summer treat. The subtle kick in this flavor adds a surprising twist that you’ll love.

Sippin’ with Ease

One of the standout features of Soda Jerk Shot is how smooth it is. No dares, no scares – you don’t need a chaser with this one. Simply chill, shoot, and enjoy. It’s a hassle-free, delectable experience that’s perfect for both newcomers and seasoned shot-takers. It also mixes well with other spirits for endless delicious flavor combinations.

Get Yours Now!

Both Soda Jerk flavors are available through my discount link at, and if you use the code WhiskeyChick5, you can save on your order. What’s not to love about a great deal on a fantastic shot that’s perfect for sipping? You won’t be disappointed. Cheers! 🥃

Order Soda Jerk Root Beer or Orange Cream online with discount code WhiskeyChick5

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