How to Make a Surprise Party Even More Fun

Everyone is familiar with the concept of a surprise party. Surprise parties are a fun way to celebrate someone’s birthday or other special occasion. It is not only a great way to make your loved one feel special but also a way to get the entire family involved in the celebration.

Rebel Girl - WhiskeychickRocks

Rebel Girl

For the month of November I want to explore what being rebellious as a woman REALLY looks like. Dive into being loud, taking up space, supporting each other, owning your past, carving your path. Even celebrate laying down your clubs and axes and just learning how to relax without guilt.

Direction, Misdirection, And Introspection

If you’re here for band marketing advice, info about the cannabis industry, or any other business matter, I’m sorry to say it may be time for you to unsubscribe. Although I have many platforms from which to share my insight on these topics, I’ve made the decision to keep this particular URL a little more […]

Using Video To Bridge The Digital Gap

In this day and age, it’s so easy to lose touch of the humanity behind all these keyboard warriors and armchair detectives. Messages get mixed and intentions get misunderstood. Sometimes our typing fingers get worn out before our ideas can get expressed. Either way, there’s not enough text in a qwerty keyboard to bring back the human touch when communicating big ideas over long distances the way that face to face communication can.

Yesterday I started my day with the intentional goal of testing out more “warm” means of keeping in touch with my online friends and colleagues and the results were so amazing that I’m going to share them with you as just a sampling of the ways that video technology can help you make social media.. well.. more social.

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Reaching Goals 280 Characters At A Time

As we gear up for spring, I assume most people are hiding out in their cozy homes, and starting to think about summer plans. Me, however, I’m working on how to maintain my business network and social connections while the roads are icing up and the calendar gets mapped out for the year. Then along comes Twitter to save the day!